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DMA Model: Understanding Digital Marketing Adoption and Implementation by Islamic Tourism Organizations

This article aims to explore, analyze, and develop a clear understanding about the different factors affecting the adoption of digital marketing (D-marketing) by Islamic tourism organizations (ITOs) by building on the current body of knowledge in the field. The article systematically reviews the literature related to digital marketing adoption to understand its adoption by organizations working in Islamic tourism sectors. Based on this review and through linking digital marketing, technology adoption, technology diffusion, and Islamic Shariah theories, a conceptual model that links five factors (namely: internal environmental forces, external environmental forces, digital marketing adoption, digital marketing implementation, and digital marketing performance) is proposed to provide a clear understanding about the different factors affecting the adoption of digital marketing by Islamic tourism organizations.

This research argues that implementing digital marketing is not a luxury anymore. It has become a matter of survival for companies regardless of its size. Accordingly, the critical questions that concern most companies today, regardless of its size, are centered on how to acquire a skillful use of electronic tools. Also, what should be done to find leverage points in the company strategy to combine virtual and physical marketing activities?

The study provided a detailed discussion for the proposed model which included a detailed discussion of the different research variables which leaded to the construction of the model. Within this context, all the issues related to Islamic tourism organizations marketing performance were discussed. Afterward the issues related to digital marketing implementation by Islamic tourism organizations were discussed. Within this discussion, different digital marketing tools and form as well as the different levels of digital marketing implementation were demonstrated. Moreover, a complete discussion related to the factors affecting DMA was presented. Future research is highly encouraged to build on DMA model to test how internal and external forces of Islamic tourism organizations, along with its digital marketing implementation influence its performance.


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