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An Investigation into The Digital Market Research Habits of Welsh Tourism Micro-Enterprises

Current research identifies Welsh tourism micro-enterprises (WTMEs) as failing to compete on the digital marketing stage as a whole. The researcher is in the early stages of investigating the adoption of digital market research tools by WTMEs in Wales. The literature review focuses on technology adoption, digital market research knowledge, heterodoxy and facilitating factors. Recent conversations with WTMEs reveal methodological and sampling implications for the survey stage of the project. It is anticipated that WTMEs’ digital market research use will reflect that of digital marketing overall in Wales, with some differences that could help provide specific and relevant support.

The researcher anticipates the project will reveal results that broadly reflect Welsh Assembly Government’s report findings relating to WTMEs and digital marketing as a whole. Nevertheless, she has already found some variations in relation to different WTMEs’ approaches to and understanding of digital market research as well as actual usage has already been found. In particular, different person-specific moderators relating to business owners, combined with the types of WTMEs involved, already appears to influence a WTME’s extent of online behavior more than previously thought. Such distinctions could help identify specific and appropriate support needs for these WTMEs at a range of entry levels.


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